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16 Unique Shopify Store Decoration Cases to Inspire Your E-commerce Design

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Shopify is likely the first to come to mind. Its user-friendly interface allows people to set up online stores quickly, and tech-savvy individuals can even build their themes on the platform, creating unique online shopping experiences. With high-quality product photography and excellent design, Shopify can give customers a memorable shopping experience.

Let’s take a look at the 16 best and most unique e-commerce stores on Shopify that might inspire you to decorate your store:


Benni’s website immediately grabs your attention with its vibrant colors. Browsing through the web pages feels like visiting an amusement park with exciting fonts, gifs, and beautiful color schemes. One unique feature is the top section that allows visitors to choose between immunity and sleep. It then provides them with relevant products and changes the color scheme accordingly. As a store with two types of products, customers don’t even need to leave the homepage if they don’t want to. Interestingly, all these customizations are built upon the Debut theme.

shopify design-Benni

2.Sorry, I Have No Filter

As expected from the store’s name, “Sorry I Have No Filter” completely defies traditional e-commerce conventions, creating a fun experience for visitors. The ABOUT page features a rain of flipping middle fingers cascading down on the text and accumulating at the bottom of the page. The ironic messages will tickle your funny bone as you hover over the curated images. The animations throughout the website make it hard to leave, as surprises await in every corner. Another favorite detail of mine is the sliding product pages that allow you to scroll out and continue shopping seamlessly.

shopify design-Sorry I Have No Filter


Haus’ website appears to be designed for young socialites, with its retro and elegant aesthetic. The unique aspect is the collage of arched lifestyle scenes with the products. Other lifestyle images shout, “Have a good time!!” Their product pages are another highlight, providing drink recipes, nutritional information, member details, and reviews, all of which look stunning!

shopify design-Haus

4.Everyday Needs

Minimalism within minimalism, Everyday Needs creates a sensory experience that immerses you in the feeling of products in your home. It’s clean and helps you appreciate your home’s and surroundings’ beauty. Its layout is uncommon in e-commerce, giving it a cosmopolitan feel.

shopify design- Everyday Needs

5.Great Jones Goods

On the Great Jones Goods website, cooking has never been more fun. Visiting this site feels like flipping through your grandmother’s cookbook, starting from their logo and the overlapping illustrations throughout the website. As I browse the products, I’m delighted that the pot lids are open! The pots are filled with illustrated food. Moreover, the cursor changes for each product. It’s adorable and immerses me in this nostalgic story. Who wouldn’t want these products to become part of their family’s stories?

shopify design-Great Jones Goods

6.Misfits Market

Misfits Market’s website has been my long-time favorite as it makes buying vegetables fun. They embrace the imperfections of their product and showcase them through elliptical and straightforward design elements. Their branding is spot on. I love their product pages, where they showcase what customers have received on Instagram, giving you a clear idea of what you’ll get.

shopify design-Misfits Market


The Usual website feels like diving into a collage of cutout magazine pictures from your teenage years. Its uniqueness undoubtedly scores high in the wine and e-commerce industry.


This article wouldn’t be complete without a cat-related website. Smalls takes a non-traditional approach to the pet industry, connecting with cat lovers under 40 through imagery and graphics. Shoppers see how this brand integrates into their lives and understand that their beloved pets deserve better than they can find at the supermarket. They offer a unique value proposition of customized services for your cat.

shopify design-Smalls


Thelma’s website strikes the perfect balance, appearing sophisticated without being distant. They have confidence in their products and don’t need excessive images or text on the page to convince you. I particularly like their product page, which splits the screen, keeping the product image fixed on the left while you scroll through the right side. It’s exquisite.

shopify design-Thelma

10.East Fork

The deeper you delve into East Fork’s website, the more you believe in its products. At first glance, the website is beautiful but not attention-grabbing. Then, small details and handcrafted content emerge, revealing this brand’s true essence. My favorite detail starts from the letters in the logo that slowly transform into pottery as you scroll down the page. I’m captivated by the quality of their products, and there’s a small story in the middle of the product page.

shopify design-East Fork


From the moment you land on Omsom’s website, it grabs your attention, just like entering a bustling restaurant. The fun buttons and continuous animations keep drawing your focus. Uniqueness scores a perfect 10 here.

shopify design-Omsom

12.Drink Hydrant

Everything about Hydrant’s website is fun and modern, boldly using typography and color blocks. An additional benefit is that the colorful products evoke the feeling of being in a candy store. I’m tempted to hydrate myself with this brand.

shopify design-Drink Hydrant


There’s no reason not to like Kinfield. It’s fresh, friendly, and gives a sense of familiarity. It’s a true example of selling a lifestyle rather than just products. I love how they incorporate packaging and signature doodles throughout the website.

shopify design-Kinfield


Despite having a very traditional layout, Lunya’s website exudes a sense of luxury. The colors and lighting in the photos are just right, immersing you in a calm feeling. The mark of good design is that it makes you feel good without necessarily knowing why. Subtle icon animations add some extra motion to the website, and the grid layout on the product page effortlessly matches the experience of wearing their clothes.

shopify design--Lunya


Besides cats, my other favorite thing is tea, so when I stumbled upon Golde’s website, I felt it had to be included in this article! The layout is incredibly simple, but their product photography and color scheme combine everything beautifully, making their brand stand out on a white website.

shopify design-Golde


Aisle excels in both design and photography, and their interactivity is strong. The well-designed SVG modules and subtle movements throughout the website genuinely make it memorable..

shopify design-Aisle