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A Comprehensive Guide with Walmart Affiliate Program: Maximizing Your Earnings


You’re familiar with Amazon’s affiliate program that allows partners to earn commissions on products they promote. However, it’s worth noting that Walmart also has an affiliate program.

Given that Walmart is a widely recognized retail giant, we won’t delve into its service in great detail. Nevertheless, there are several essential facts that affiliate marketers may want to know before enrolling in the program: attracts 429 million monthly visitors, ranking 13th in the US and 136th worldwide for shopping/combined.

Given Walmart’s comprehensive online shopping platform, why not generate additional income by registering as a Walmart affiliate marketer? Discover the ins and outs of the Walmart affiliate program, including its operations, earning potential, and whether it’s worth pursuing.

How does Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

What is Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

The Walmart Affiliate Program is a marketing initiative that allows individuals to promote Walmart products on their websites, blogs, or social media channels and earn a commission on any resulting sales.

How does Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

Here’s how Walmart Affiliate Program works:


Sign up for the Walmart Affiliate Program.

Access a wide range of Walmart product links, banners, and other promotional materials.

Promote Walmart products to your audience by featuring the links, banners, and other promotional materials on your website, blog, or social media channels.

When a customer clicks on your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase within 3 days, you earn a commission on the sale. The commission percentage varies by product category and ranges from 1% to 4%.

Walmart pays out commissions monthly, and affiliates can track their earnings through an online dashboard.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Affiliates earn money every time someone follows your affiliate link and makes a qualifying purchase.

Commission Rates by Department:


Commission by Monthly Orders:

Sales actions are locked 2 month(s) after end of the month they are tracked ,and paid 1 month(s) after end of the month they lock.

Walmart Affiliate Program Requirements

  • You must have an active website
  • The website needs to be appropriate (family-friendly) and contain no illegal or sexual activity
  • Most of your traffic should come from North America

Walmart Affiliate Tools on Offer

To maximize your earnings as a Walmart Affiliate, it is crucial to use effective affiliate tools.

Walmart SDK

The Walmart SDK affiliate tool is an exceptional tool for promoting Walmart products. This tool can create Buy Buttons that match the Walmart buttons, ensuring brand uniformity across your Walmart affiliate website.


Moreover, the Walmart SDK offers configuration components that enable customers to add products directly to their cart from your website. This feature is particularly crucial as it helps reduce friction during the purchase process by minimizing the steps consumers need to buy an item from, leading to increased conversion rates and more sales.

The Walmart BuyNow Button is available in two versions for the web.

The JS version suits apps, mobile web, and desktop sites.

The HTML version is meant to be used in display ads.


Walmart Affiliate Program Review

The Walmart Affiliate Program can be an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn a commission by promoting Walmart products. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider:

Pros of the Walmart Affiliate Program

  • Strong brand recognition
  • Large selection of over 4 million products to promote
  • Professionally designed creatives and banner ads
  • Access to an affiliate SDK tool
  • Regular affiliate newsletter with updates and information
  • Data feeds for top-selling and exclusive products

Cons of the Walmart Affiliate Program

  • Relatively low commission rates
  • Offline stores and products in abundance
  • Conversion rates may be lower than competitors

Walmart VS Amazon Affiliate Program

Regarding their affiliate programs, Walmart and Amazon are two e-commerce giants that share some similarities. They offer low-priced everyday items, have a massive audience, and dominate the US retail e-commerce market. However, there are also some differences between them.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of their affiliate programs:

Walmart Affiliates Amazon Associates
Commission Rate
Up to 4%
Up to 20%
Commission Structure
Fixed Rate
Fixed Rate
Cookie Duration
3 Days
Products to Promote
Wide Range
Wide Range
Countries You Can Promote
Primarily US
Affiliate Payout
Commission income is paid by PayPal or direct deposit approximately 1 month after end of the month they lock. They are paid out by the Impact Radius Affiliate Network.
Commission income is paid by direct deposit,, Gift Certificate, or check approximately 60 days after the end of the month for which they are being paid.

While Amazon has been in the e-commerce space longer and has a more loyal customer base, Walmart has been catching up with its subscription service, WalmartPlus. This poses a real threat to Amazon’s dominance and creates more opportunities for Walmart affiliate sales.

You can promote both affiliate programs on your website and use tracking tools to determine which program converts better. Recently, Amazon has also launched more ways for affiliates to earn commissions through programs like the Amazon Influencer program versus Associates.

How to Make Money with the Walmart Affiliate Program?

To maximize your earnings as a Walmart affiliate, it’s essential to have a solid strategy in place for effectively promoting their products, which requires dedication and effort. Here are some steps you can take to achieve this goal:

Step 1 Choose A Niche

Choosing a niche involves identifying a specific category of products or services to focus on promoting. Consider your own expertise and knowledge as a competitive advantage in promoting products and building trust with your audience.

First, list your hobbies, interests, and passions, as they can guide you toward potential niches that align with your preferences.

Research market demand and look for products with high demand and significant audiences.

Analyze your competitors to identify areas of opportunity and potential weaknesses.

Evaluate the potential profitability of your chosen niche by looking for products with high-profit margins and recurring revenue streams.

SEMrush and BuzzSumo are great tools for researching markets and analyzing competitors.
You can also use tools like Google Trends and social media analytics to understand market trends and consumer behavior better.


Finally, be prepared to pivot and adjust your niche over time based on market trends and feedback from your audience.

Step2 Bulid a Affiliate Website

After you have chosen a niche, the next step is to create a website that revolves around that niche and develop content for it.

It is now simple to create an affiliate website in 2023 without prior design or coding knowledge.

All that is required is a .com domain and a hosting service.

We suggest using SiteGround, which provides hosting plans starting at $3.99 per month.

For your website platform, we recommend WordPress as it is the best option available. SiteGround provides pre-installed WordPress, and it is completely free of cost.


Customizing your site with your branding, content, and images is important. Building an affiliate website, popular WordPress themes to consider are Divi and Astra. These themes offer both free and premium versions and are excellent choices.

Step3 Apply for Walmart Affiliate Program

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for joining Walmart’s affiliate program:

Visit Walmart’s affiliate website and find the “Sign up” button.

Fill out the application form with accurate information about yourself and your company.


Add your media properties, such as your website or business, and provide details like the property type, name, URL, and description.


Describe your promotional methods, including the countries where you’ll promote the products.


Then submit your application.

Wait for an email response regarding your acceptance, typically within 24 hours. Once accepted, you will gain access to various tools for affiliate marketing, such as banners and links.

You can also register through Impact Radius.

Step4 Choose Products to Promote and Create Content

When selecting products to promote, consider your target audience and what products they are likely to be interested in. For example, if your audience is interested in home decor, you could promote Walmart’s home decor products.

Before promoting a product, do some research to learn more about it. Look at customer reviews, product specifications, and other information to ensure the product is high-quality and a good fit for your audience.

If you have personal experience with a product, share your experience in your content. This can make your content more relatable and trustworthy to your audience.

Create content that is informative, engaging, and valuable to your audience. This could include: Roundup of top products in a given category

Reviews of products that you have personally purchased

Product comparisons

Use Buzzsumo to identify popular content topics and optimize your content strategy accordingly.

Be sure to include your unique affiliate links in your content. This allows Walmart to track your sales and commissions.

Use high-quality images or videos to showcase the product you are promoting. This can help your audience better understand the product and increase the likelihood of a sale. Canva can help create social media posts, email newsletters, and other promotional materials for your content.


Step 5 Promote Your Content and Optimize Your Strategy

Share your content on social media platforms where your target audience is most active. Use Hootsuite to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts in advance, and track your social media performance.

Use SEO techniques to optimize your content for search engines. Google Analytics and SEMrush are valuable tools for monitoring the performance of your content and optimizing your strategy accordingly.

Use ConvertKit to build an email list and send regular newsletters featuring your content and Walmart affiliate links. This can help you build relationships with your audience and increase your chances of earning commissions.


Work with other bloggers and influencers in your niche to promote each other’s content and earn more commissions.

What is the Best Alternative to the Walmart Affiliate Program?

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