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How To Make Money On Clickbank: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2023

how to make money on clickbank for beginnrs

If you want to make money with ClickBank, you’ve come to the right place.

ClickBank is a many affiliate marketplace founded in 1998 where thousands of vendors sell their products. It’s a great place to find high-paying affiliate products if you’re an affiliate marketer or looking to become one.

It’s always a good idea to diversify your income streams, and ClickBank’s affiliate program is one way to do that.

In this post, you’ll learn about ClickBank and how it works. You’ll also discover how to choose the right products and the best ways to promote them.

You’ll learn how to build a ClickBank affiliate website with links to the services the author personally uses.

If you want to start with ClickBank as an affiliate, you can check out ClickBank’s guide. But if you’re going to hear from successful ClickBank affiliates on how they started the program, keep reading.

What Is Clickbank And How Does It Work?

What is Clickbank affiliate marketing?

ClickBank is an eCommerce platform and affiliate marketplace that offers a vast range of digital products, such as ebooks, plugins, videos, software, and more—it with numerous sellers and affiliates.

You can earn money with ClickBank as a product vendor or affiliate marketer without working like a busy office worker. ClickBank boasts impressive numbers, including

  • 200 million customers across 190 countries
  • 276 categories and 21562 product listings
  • 6 million entrepreneurs on the platform
  • Over 200 million dollars in annual sales

Joining ClickBank’s affiliate program is a profitable opportunity for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and digital content creators looking to promote digital products on their websites or platform.

How Clickbank affiliate works?

ClickBank acts as an intermediary between creators of products(physical products and digital products) and affiliate marketers who promote and sell those products.

ClickBank serves one of two functions depending on which side of the marketplace you are on.

how clickbank work

A Product Marketplace For Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you can sign up for free and create unique affiliate links for thousands of products to promote. You can start driving traffic to these links immediately to earn money and track your earnings in real time. ClickBank operates as a simplified affiliate network with no screening process, caps, or complicated metrics.

Clickbank product marketplace workflow for affiliates

An E-Commerce Platform For Product Owners

You can add your product to the ClickBank database as a product owner. The platform will handle all the checkout and e-commerce aspects and offer an affiliate program. To become a seller on ClickBank, you will be charged a one-time activation fee of $49.95, which helps keep low-quality vendors out of the platform. However, the platform takes a percentage of your sales ($1 + 7.5%) as a fee for their services.

clickbank worklow for product owners

Why Clickbank?

ClickBank is an excellent platform for beginners in affiliate marketing who want to start earning money online without dealing with the complexities of advanced affiliate networks.

With ClickBank, there are no caps on earnings, and 90% of the offers don’t require approval, so you can start selling immediately. This is particularly advantageous for newcomers who need a track record and may need help getting accepted by more extensive affiliate networks.

Sure! Here are some potential pros and cons of using ClickBank:

Pros of ClickBank Affiliate

Large selection of digital products: ClickBank offers a wide range of digital products in various categories, making it easy for affiliates to find products that align with their niche and audience.

High commissions: ClickBank offers some of the highest commissions in the affiliate marketing industry. Some products provide up to 75% commission on each sale.

Reliable payment system: ClickBank handles all payment processing and ensures that affiliates get paid on time for their sales.

User-friendly platform: ClickBank's platform, even for beginners, is easy to use with simple registration and precise tracking and reporting tools.

Access to Marketing Education: The platform offers Spark, an affiliate marketing education program. You get access to high-quality training material covering affiliate marketing concepts, how to start, email marketing, copywriting, advertising, and entrepreneurship.

Established reputation: ClickBank has been around since 1998 and paid over $5 billion in commissions, giving it a solid reputation in the affiliate marketing industry.

Cons of ClickBank Affiliate

Low-quality products: While ClickBank offers a wide selection of products, some may be low-quality or not worth promoting. Affiliates must carefully research and choose products to enable to ensure they are legitimate and align with their audience.

High competition: With over 6 million entrepreneurs and affiliates on the platform, competition for promoting products can be increased, making it challenging for new affiliates to stand out and drive sales.

Limited physical products: ClickBank focuses mainly on digital products, which may not be suitable for affiliates who prefer promoting physical products.

The activation fee for vendors: As a product vendor on ClickBank, there is a one-time activation fee of $49.95, which may be a barrier for some sellers.

Overall, ClickBank can be a profitable and reliable option for affiliates looking to promote digital products and earn high commissions. Still, it’s essential to carefully research and choose products to enable and prepare for market competition.

How To Make Money With Clickbank : Step By Step For Beginners

Step 1: Start by registering for a ClickBank account

To begin your ClickBank journey, you first need to sign up for a free account. Whether you want to become a ClickBank affiliate, seller, or both, the signup process remains the same with four distinct phases. This process is straightforward and only requires you to provide basic information, including your country, name, phone number, email address, and password.

ClickBank account signup

After you’ve created your account, you can start promoting products and earning money.

clickbank sign up information page

(If you want more help with signing up, please visit this official account signup support article )

It is essential to remember that when creating a nickname on ClickBank, avoid personalizing it too much, as it will be publicly displayed in the browser and visible to everyone.

But if you use encryption to create a hoplink, you need not worry excessively about selecting an ID. Simply select the one you prefer.

clickbank nickname signup

Step 2 : Choose a niche that will work for ClickBank

A common mistake for new affiliates is to rush through the research phase. It’s important to figure out what area is right for you and what will set you up for success. Ask yourself:

What am I interested in?

Do people spend money in this niche?

Are there products to promote?

To start your affiliate marketing journey, it’s essential to focus on two types of niches: hobbies and profitable niches.


Hobbies are an excellent niche for affiliate marketing since people are usually willing to spend money on them. Suppose you have a favorite hobby like golfing, painting, or woodworking. In that case, chances are there are many other people with the same interest.

To stand out from the competition, focusing on a sub-niche is essential.

Many new affiliates make the mistake of being too broad with their area of interest. By narrowing your niche and being specific, you can reduce competition and attract a particular audience.

For instance, instead of targeting all golfers, you can focus on senior female golfers. Instead of targeting all painters, you can concentrate on oil painters.

You’ll resonate much better with that audience, and they’ll be more likely to buy since you dialed in on helping them.

Profitable Niches

It is important to keep in mind that when selecting a niche, you should not only consider your interests but also ensure that it is a profitable market.

The 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches on ClickBank in 2023

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Diets & Weight Loss
  • Dental Health
  • Survival
  • Women’s Health
  • Spirituality, New Age, & Alternative Beliefs
  • Marriage & Relationships
  • Green Products & Alternative Energy
  • E-business and E-marketing
  • Home & Garden
clickbank top10 niches 2023

Finding Competitors

Now that you have an industry in mind, it’s crucial to determine if it’s worth pursuing. One effective way to do this is by utilizing SEO tools such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMRush to analyze niche keyword search volume and search trends.

For instance, by searching for a specific niche keyword like “Dental Health,” you can obtain the monthly average search volume and search trend for those related keywords within the dental health industry over 12 months.

This information can be valuable in determining whether there is a sufficient market for the niche and whether the traffic trend is increasing or decreasing.

clickbank semrush keywords trends

Once you have identified a niche with a substantial and expanding market volume, you can also examine the level of competition.

Use the SERPs analysis within the SEO tool to identify the websites achieving top results for the niche keywords. Afterward, input the domain name into the tool to access their site’s traffic and revenue estimates. This will help you determine if it is worth pursuing.

Step 3: Find a ClickBank product to promote

When choosing the products from ClickBank, there are THREE things to live by.

  1. Pick products with a high Avg $/conversion number
  2. Scan through the all-time best-sellers ClickBank provides a list of best-selling products which is updated annually, ensuring that you can find high-demand and regularly updated products.
  3. Choose products that offer recurring commissions

And how should you do that?There are two main ways to find a product:

Method 1: This involves browsing the big list of product categories and subcategories on the left sidebar. This helps you find products based on the specific niche or topic you have chosen for your business.

clickbank affiliate categories for seach product

Method 2:  Another approach to discovering a suitable product is to skip the product categories and search through “Top Offers.” This will display a list of every top sale product in the marketplace, sorted by Rank by default.

clickbank affiliate top offer list

Setting filters and attributes is a simple way to find products that meet your requirements, such as Gravity score, average $/conversion, date added, product type (physical or digital), and language.

Analyze ClickBank Product

Metrics analysis is necessary when choosing a product from a product listing like the one provided. The listing includes a product description, an affiliate page, support contact, and key statistics.

The products mentioned below are examples.

clickbank affiliate product analysist parameters

One of the crucial factors to consider in this product listing is the initial $/conversion value of $142.39.This stat means that you can expect to earn more than $142 as a commission each time you get a sale.

The Exipure product also offers a commission on rebills (when a customer orders the product again), so you can even make a residual income of up to $26.1 from it!

The other primary stat we should touch on is the Gravity score (Grav.)

The ClickBank Gravity Score is a metric used to measure the sales momentum of offers on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace. It calculates how many unique affiliates have made commissions on a particular provide over a 12-week rolling period, with a higher emphasis on more recent sales.

The big 293 we see with Exipure – means it’s on hot, with approximately 293 different affiliates getting at least one sale of the product in the last three months!

A high Gravity score means a product has been selling well lately. Still, it also indicates high competition from other affiliates promoting the same product. As a beginner affiliate, it may be better to choose a product with a more modest Gravity score in the 20-100 range.

Now that you understand where to find products and what some of these stats mean, it’s time for us to create our first HopLink!

Step 4: Generate an affiliate tracking link (HopLink)

As previously mentioned, ClickBank offers a commission to affiliates when someone clicks on their unique tracking link and buys a product they have promoted within 60 days. This tracking link is called a “HopLink.”

There are two ways to create a HopLink for a vendor’s product:

An encrypted HopLink created through either the ClickBank Marketplace or the HopLink Shield tool. In this format, the vendor and affiliate names are not visible in the URL.

A readable HopLink that includes the vendor and affiliate names. In this format, the vendor and affiliate account names are visible in the URL string. Creating a HopLink this way does not require any tools.

Once the “Promote” button is clicked, the HopLink Generator for the product will be displayed.
Simply provide your preferred account nickname and an optional Tracking ID(not necessary for now), and then click the “Create HopLink” button.

clickbank creating a hoplink

Right beneath, ClickBank’s HopLink Generator will instantly generate a new HopLink associated with your account nickname. It is an encrypted hoplink.

clickbank affiliate encrypted hoplink

To copy the HopLink, click the small button on the right or highlight and copy the text in the field.

Once you have created and tested a HopLink, you can add it to your promotional material by linking it to an image or adding it in text.

Step 5: Drive traffic to your affiliate link

The beauty of being an affiliate marketer is that you only need to focus on one job: driving traffic to someone else’s sales page. As long as you can send the right traffic to a high-converting offer, you can earn money without worrying about the conversion process!

However, Successful affiliates recognize the importance of creating a sturdy platform to promote products. A dependable online presence enables you to showcase your brand and establish a reputation, enhancing your promotions’ credibility and encouraging people to trust your recommendations.

1、Start a Blog

We have discovered that the most reliable and effective platform for affiliate marketing is a blog. Promoting solely through third-party sites, like Facebook and YouTube, can be less stable and trustworthy.

Using your blog as a central hub for promotion, you establish a credible home base that builds brand trust and fosters connections with your audience.

In 2023, creating a website has become accessible even without programming or design skills. Here’s how to get started:

Choose a domain name: Pick a name that reflects your brand or business and register it through a domain registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Choose a web hosting service: To store your website files and make your site accessible online; you’ll need a web hosting service. Popular options include Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostGator.


We recommend using SiteGround as it offers domain registration and web hosting for only $3.99 monthly.

Choose a website platform: When creating an affiliate site, we suggest using WordPress as the platform of choice. It’s free, works seamlessly with SiteGround, and is considered the best option.

To design your website, you can customize it using templates, themes, or drag-and-drop editors. Popular WordPress themes like Divi and Astra offer both free and premium versions.


You may also use Coolors to select a visually appealing color scheme for your site and Canva to create a professional-looking logo, even without design skills.


Write Honest Product Reviews

Writing honest product reviews is crucial in succeeding as an affiliate marketer, following the initial step of starting a blog.

To ensure your reviews are helpful and reliable, focus on promoting products with high ratings and positive user reviews. Additionally, thoroughly examine a product’s offers, testimonials, reviews, and money-back guarantees on ClickBank before promoting it on your website.

To create genuine product reviews, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Write comprehensive reviews that cover every aspect of the product.
  • List all the pros and cons of the product to give readers a balanced view.
  • Include pricing options, ratings, customer reviews, and other pertinent information.
  • Add an FAQ section to each review to target long-tail keywords.

Offer alternative product suggestions, so readers can choose the product that best fits their needs.Once you’ve written excellent product reviews, optimize them for Google using the following methods:

Perform keyword research using tools like Semrush to find low-competition keywords related to your products.
Optimize every product review post using plugins like Rank Math to focus on relevant keywords.
Build backlinks by guest blogging, writing on Quora, and contacting other bloggers to link back to your product review posts.

2、Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are another excellent source of free traffic for affiliate marketers. You can leverage Facebook posts, Facebook Groups, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, tweets, LinkedIn posts, Reddit threads, Instagram Stories, and more to reach your target audience.

With so many social sites, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to focus on. My advice is to start with Facebook and YouTube, and if your target audience is businesses or professionals, add LinkedIn to your mix. For younger users, consider Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Use Buzzsumo to identify popular content topics and optimize your content strategy accordingly.


Creating content for social platforms allows you to connect with your ideal audience and, in many cases, include affiliate links directly in your posts. So don’t hesitate to use this valuable source of free traffic!

To make managing social media accounts and to optimize YouTube videos easier, you can use two helpful tools: Hootsuite and TubeBuddy.

Hootsuite can assist you with scheduling posts, tracking analytics, and managing multiple social media accounts all in one place.

TubeBuddy can help you optimize SEO, increase engagement, and grow your YouTube channel.


3、Develop a Mailing List

Email marketing can be a fun and effective way to market your products or services. Unlike other forms of marketing, you can contact potential customers directly since you have their contact information.

Building an email list can be a challenge, especially if you want to do it for free. But If you want to build a list quickly,paid ads are a big help.

If you don’t have a website, a closed Facebook Group in your niche is a great option. You can add the subscribe link to your YouTube video descriptions.

Once you have a mailing list to which you can market, it’s important to use an email marketing service. For affiliate marketers, Getresponse is recommended since it offers great automation.

Getresponse email marketing software

When setting up your email marketing campaign, starting with a 3-part autoresponder is a good idea:

The first email should highlight the features and logic of the product you’re promoting, provide a list of reasons why the product is beneficial, and include a testimonial to establish credibility.

The second email should tap into the reader’s emotions and help them visualize how their life would be better with the product.

The final email should create a sense of scarcity and encourage the reader to take action by using limited-time offers or other tactics.

It’s important to note that while these tactics can be effective, ethics should always be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. It’s crucial to ensure that the product you’re promoting actually delivers on its promises and helps the customer.

Overall, ethical and effective email marketing can be a powerful tool for selling your products or services.

4、Paid Advertising

Advertising is one of the fastest ways to generate website traffic. It can be very profitable if you find the right target audience. The most popular advertising channels currently include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Native Ads.

These platforms offer powerful targeting options to reach specific demographics and interests. However, it’s essential to research and tests different ads to find what works best for your business.

Choose the appropriate advertising channels that match the characteristics of the products being promoted. Starting with a small investment is recommended, and only once income and expenditure are balanced should the volume gradually increase. This strategy can help ensure profitability and prevent excessive spending.

google ads overview

If you’re new to online marketing, it’s recommended to begin with a lower-risk traffic source like email and gradually move into paid ads like native or Facebook.

Having a combination of owned and paid media in your strategy is essential.

To become an expert, give yourself at least 3-6 months to learn and become familiar with your audience, niche, and traffic source.

FAQs About Making Money With ClickBank As An Affiliate

Here are a few FAQs related to the ClickBank affiliate program

ClickBank can be a good option for beginners in affiliate marketing because it is relatively easy to start. Unlike some other affiliate networks, you don’t need to be approved for most of the products on ClickBank, so you can start promoting them immediately.

However, it’s important to note that choosing the right products to promote on ClickBank is crucial to making money as an affiliate marketer. It’s essential to research and select products that are relevant to your audience and have a proven track record of converting well.

ClickBank is a legitimate affiliate marketing network that has been operating since 1998. It has many digital products that affiliates can promote and earn commissions on.

ClickBank remains a prominent platform for digital content creators. Yogaburn, an online yoga course, is its best-selling product.
The top 10 best-selling ClickBank products, updated annually, include Resurge, Numerologist, Venus Factor System, Trim Down Club, Leptitox, Organifi, Phone Detective, Flat Belly Tonic, and Cacao Bliss.

For ClickBank affiliate products, a gravity score of 20 or higher indicates relative popularity and good conversion potential.
However, for beginners, avoiding the most popular products with high gravities is advisable due to intense competition. Instead, consider setting an upper limit of around 100 for gravity scores.

The default payment threshold is $100, however you can set your payment threshold for any amount between $10 and $1,000,000.

To shorten ClickBank affiliate links, you can use a link-shortening service such as or TinyURL. Simply copy and paste your ClickBank affiliate link into the link-shortening service, generating a shorter URL that you can use instead. Some ClickBank vendors may also offer link-shortening tools within their affiliate platforms.

Disclosur:Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan.(No additional cost for you)

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